Thursday, September 27, 2007

That's it!!!

That's it. I quit!!!! I have been trying to get a template besides the lamo ones that blogger gives you to chose from and I just can't! I don't know how you peoples do it, but you somehow manage to get these all so creative templates, when here I am, stuck trying to figure out where to find a unique template, none the less put a profile picture on! So just in the case that someone missed it, a while back I put a comment (aka. a hint) about not knowing how to add a profile picture and really, really, really, (did I mention really?) wanting to know how to add one. (aka. a flat out cry of desparation, not just a hint) And would anyone come to the helpless aid of Lanae`? Oh no, no no, my friends, that's not a happenin'! Lanae's stuck trying to meander her way through blog world trying to add a picture all on her lonesome. So, without further ado, *big, pleading, kitty cat eyes*please people, a little technical help here!

Oh, goodness. It totaly just hit me!!! You guys are trying to help me by not showing me how to add a profile picture! See the logic behind that is that if you don't show me how to put one on, then when I post to other peoples blogs, randomly passing by people won't be afraid to come to my site because I have a picture of me to scare them away. Ahhhh, I get it. That makes sense. Thanks guys, what true friends you all are! :o)

Nothin new, yet I post.

So there's not been anything too exciting going on w/me. I'm to work early today. That's exciting! Granted I had to wake up 30 minutes early to get this blessed feeling of being the only one in the office this early. I don't think that I'll be making too much of a habit about it. :-)

Mom and the kids have been sick all week and I'm hoping that they hurry up and get over all that so that I never get it. Every morning I feel nauseous and contemplate whether it's a sick day or not but for some reason I start to feel better so I end up going to work after all. I tell you, I can't even convince myself that I'm sick enough to stay home.

I have a massage scheduled for this afternoon. I'm pretty excited about that one. I haven't had one professional done before but our insurance deductable has been payed off for quite some time so I decided that since it wasn't going to cost very much I might as well go for it since my back has been acting weird and I'll be in there for a chiropractor adjustment anyways.

well I am hearing other work force peoples coming in so I shall go. ta ta for now

Friday, September 14, 2007

So my real estate class went OK. I can definitely say that I was the youngest person there. It went pretty much like I thought it would. I already knew everything that they taught, but it was still a good thing to get me moving again, I seem to get a little distracted sometimes and forget about my goals. :0) Any who, they almost talked me into going down to their 3 day seminar which is six hours away. One of the days is on a Sunday so I decided against it. But my was it oh so tempting! Har har, "We are going to give you a three day seminar worth $3,000 for only this one time incredible price of $199! And plus you get to bring a friend or mate for free! But wait, there's more! You also you get our 'start now' kit so that you can go home and start today! complete with 30 legal contract forms to make you completely sure that your contracts work for you, the investor, and not against you!" Yup, it was that good. So, I guess I'll just sum it up by saying that I would totally do it again. I know, I'm weird. :-) So folks, you now know that if you have some ultra boring seminar/speech/class that you have to go to, you should seriously invite me, because you know I would still make it fun. :-)

Dad gets home some time tomorrow from hunting so maybe I'll start to get some sleep again. :-) I've been getting less than 6 hours of sleep all week, and about an average of 5 each night. As pastor says "when the cat's away the mice play". Funny thing is that all of the times that I was up until past midnight this week was when I was either doing laundry at the laundry mat, or cleaning. Aren't you entirely jealous of the oh so exciting life I live?! :-) Off to do more laundry my friends....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Don't Worry Be Happy!

Ok ya'll. You need to go down under my links and click on the 'Don't Worry Be Happy" link. It's real cute. I tried just posting it on my blog but it was trying to have me post 4 at a time, so whatever, I'm feeling a little technology challenged. :-)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Da class

Well I'm going to some class tomorrow night about Foreclosures in Realestate. I am laughing at myself for signing up for it, but hay, it is a totally Lanae` thing to do. :o) My sister thinks I'm nuts for going, but I'm all excited about it. I'm sure that I'm going to learn all kinds of crazy stuff. My Mom warned me not to get sucked into buying some program but I don't think that I'll get too carried away with it all. I don't want to start buying foreclosed properties, I am just interested in learning more about realestate.

There was a bunch of other jibberish that I was going to put on here, but I am going to get some sleep instead. Later my friends.


Monday, September 03, 2007

Family Reunion Pictures...finally!

This top picture is of Grandma and Grandpa Clark and all of us others at the reunion this July. We're all squashed in there, so I'm not going to try and tell you the names of all of us peoples in this picture, you'll have to look down in the other pictures to find out who goes with who.
Top left is Ella, top right is Leah, and Uncle Charlie and Auntie Julie are sitting with Grandma and Grandpa.
We have Uncle Sam, Auntie Cheryll and Zach w/Grandpa and Grandma.And here we have Sleepy, and Dopey, and Grumpy, and... oh wait, this is my family, not the seven dwarfs, sorry. :0)Uncle Daniel, Edik and Kendra, w/Grandma and Grandpa. Unfortunately, Aunt Jo had to go back home for work so she's not in this picture. This is Grandpa's shed that we added onto, or rather, the shed that the Uncles added onto. The rest of us did easy labor such as getting rocks (illegally?) from the beach.

More Family Reunion Pictures.

All of us grandchildren were out on the beach collecting rocks for the shed they were adding onto at Grandpa's. I'm not sure if it was legal or not, but I think that the beach still looked pretty full when we were done. So no harm done there. As you can see, the picture taker, Auntie Julie, has a thing for dramatic action poses. I'm sure that none of you will have no problem seeing how our personalities are related. :0)

-Left to right we have Ella, Kendra and Ashley- -Left to right we have Edik, Foster, and Mason (who you can tell isn't really getting into this)- Edik is a kid from Georgia, Russia that comes and stays with my Uncle Daniel for about six weeks every year. He's not family, but he sure is a kick to be around. Foster and him didn't have too much problems getting over the language barrier thing. It was really hard to see them leave because it's very unlikely that we see him again.

While we were down there, Auntie Julie and Ella took Tori, Mason and I, on a hike. It wasn't your usual hike, she told us that it was a seven mile beach walk. It is about 2 miles on a trail down to the ocean and then flat hard sand after that. Ok, that sounds fine, but come to find out that was actually 9 miles total and the flat hard sand is only there at extreme low tide. And since we went at high tide we ended up hiking on soft sand (not the kind that you walk barefoot in), soft gravel and huge rocks that you had to climb over part of the time. All of these pictures were taken with in the first 5 miles of the hike, and it's a good thing that we didn't take any after pictures because I'm sure that I wasn't looking the brightest. All in all it was a good hike because I was able to spend time with my cousin and auntie, and I also got a great leg workout. But I think that next time we'll have to spend a little more quality time together on the lawn or something. :0)
There was about 21 of these Sea Lions sitting all together on rocks. They didn't seam like they were very far away, but it was rather hard to tell since one splash of water looked like the next. This is my lovely cousin Ella with Auntie Julie. This was taken on the part of the hike before we actually hit the beach. There were the coolest rocks on the beach, I probably could have crawled up and slept for hours by this point of the hike.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The narrative of Lanae's afternoon.....

Our story today takes place at about 4:50PM on a delightful Thursday afternoon. (Delightful at 4PM, although at 7:40AM it wasn't so delightful to walk out and feel the chill of a fall morning and see, yes my friends it's true, the first dew/frost of winter on my car window. Whahaha!Sniffle, Sob.). Ahem, and back to the story...

I was happily minding my own business and trying to clear the piles off my desk before the work day came to a close. As I walked into my Dad's office and started putting away my files I couldn't help but notice him pondering at his computer and then switching his head back to the calendar right before he picked up the phone.

Going on in Lanae's mind: lalala, I'm so glad it's almost five, hmn. Where does this file go anyways? lalala.....

Dad picks up the phone and calls Mom: Hello...bla bla bla... So I got this email from Hawaiian Airlines..bla bla bla..

Going on in Lanae's mind: Oh, Hawaiian Airlines huh? That's pretty cool, Mom has really been wanting to go to Hawaii, she'll be really happy. I wonder if they're taking the kids?

Dad says to Mom: ...November 28 through December 8th......

Going on in Lanae's mind: Hmn. they're going to get back the day after my 19th Birthday, that's pretty cool, hmn. What am I going to do this year? Bleh, I hate planning my own parties, we'll probably do the family thing... Oh, but they're still going to be here for the day after Thanksgiving shopping, I wonder what day after thanksgiving shopping is like in Hawaii....

Dad says to Mom: Well what about such and such dates? If we left on the....

Going on in Lanae's mind: I wonder what Hawaii looks like in December? Now where did I put that file...silly girl. I hope it's nice and warm for them, oh but not too warm, Mason would complain about the heat... Oh to be young again and be able to take off work at such a whim...think savings fund Lanae` think savings fund!!

Dad says to Mom: Oh, you're here, OK I"ll see you up here..

Mom and the kids romp in, Mom goes into Dad's office, Foster goes to see Tori and Gary, Mason and Ashley ramble around the office as I explain to them that they need to sit somewhere and be quiet because people are still here. Der.

I go out to my car to get clothes to change into so that I can clean tonight.

Going on in Lanae's mind: Wow it's nice out here. Now where are my pants anyways? I hope that they get to go, I'm sure Hawaii would be a blast in the middle of winter. I'm sure it's a blast anytime! Oh come on Lanae`, stop that, you are going to go on your Missions trip, remember?! Wow, I really need to vacuum out my car...Don't be suckered into their trip, it won't take too long for you to save up for your trip, and you've been planning this for a while. And don't forget about your other savings accounts, you have plans, and a budget!....

By the time I got back upstairs, 10 minutes later, Dad was clicking all over the place on his computer and Mom was on another computer typing in Car rental sites.

Lanae` says to Mom: So are you guys going?

Mom says to Lanae`: Yes, we are!! Isn't it awesome! Hey, what's that one website address...

Dad and Tori: But School....Great price.....Winter's cold.....Hawaii's warm....

Lanae's says to Tori: Are you going?

Tori replies: Ya, I think so, It's just the right time for Christmas break.... But I wonder if I can afford to do it, with school and all.

Going on in Lanae's mind: Nice. Just go off and leave me in the dead of winter to die! Way to care sis', way to care! Oh, but she would love the sunshine! Well, I like the sun too! Whoa! Hold up there tiger: savings Lanae`, savings! You gotta stay focused.

Tori asks Lanae`: Are you going?

Lanae` replies: No.

Mom says to Lanae`: What? What do you mean? Of course you are, you have to, it will be so much fun!

Lanae` replies: Ya, I know, but I have to work, and I'm going on my missions trip so I shouldn't spend the money, and...bla bla bla.....

Dad says: Well it's not like we go to Hawaii that often....

Lanae`: I know.

Mom: You can afford it!

Lanae`: Well it's not the plain ticket price, it's just that I've already taken off my paid vacation this year so I can't really afford to do it again.

Dad: Ok, so we're going from the 5th to the 18th. Tori, you'll be going from the 12th to the 18th. OH cool, we'll all be able to fly home together.

Lanae`: What? All that for just one week Tori?! I would have to take at least 2 weeks!

Dad: Well you know, there's allways work for you in Hawaii...

Lanae`: What do you mean?

Dad: Well our files are a mess over there and I'm sure that everyone would appreciate if you put together a new filing system... You could work for part of the time....

Going on in Lanae's mind: Wow, did he really just say that? Well Lanae`, you always tease about just wanting to be sent to Hawaii to fix some shipping problem or other. Budget Lanae`!

Lanae`: Whoa, you're right. I could work quite a bit of the time.

Mom: Well, just on the weekdays right? You couldn't work all the time, we have to go to the beach and......

Lanae`: Well, I guess I could, since I wouldn't be losing that much money, I would spend money though. I always do....

Going on in Lanae's mind: Hey there, kill the motor dude! Did I seriously just hear you say that you're going on this trip???!!! What about.....bla bla bla......mind rambles on with logical thinking... bla bla bla....

Tori: Wait, but if you don't go, then I have to pay double in gas to Anc. and what car am I going to drive?

Lanae`: You're not going to drive my car with the way it's been acting!

Dad: Oh with you're disposable money, your car will be in fine shape by then!... You could take my car Tori.

Tori: Oh, ya, that's like better gas mileage than my truck by like double!


This is the part of the story folks where I seem to have drawn a blank. I know not what I was thinking or what I said, but somehow I was suddenly making plans to go swimming in the ocean, boogie boarding in the waves, spending time in Hilo with the Family and flying inter-Island to work a few days in Kapolei, Mopeding with Tori in Waikiki, going to the water park at least 4 times, getting sunburned, getting crazy tanning lines, shopping at the Aloha Stadium, getting Christmas gifts in Hawaii, Spending my 19th birthday in Hawaii, Need I go on?

I am quite physicked to say the least!!!

So, I'm flying out with Dad, Mom and the kids on the 5th, Tori comes in on the 12th, Tori and I leave and come back on the 18th, and Mom and Dad come back on the 21st. It's going to be marvelous my friends, just marvelous!!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Well well.

Wow, that's kind of crazy. I didn't realize that I hadn't posted in so long. I kind of see a trend going on too. You'll see on the right hand side next to all of the months that they go up and down and then up and back down. Way to be consistent Lanae`!

Anywho. I didn't really have anything to post about. But then again, I don't usually and I just start jabbering. And Whala! We end up with something that resembles a posting. :o)

I have a ton of pictures that I want to post from last week when five of us girls from Church went fishing. 240 pictures to be exact. And yes everyone, Lanae` did have fun fishing. Actually it was a ton of fun. It was Rebekah, Joanna, Lisa, Tori, my Dad, Pastor, and myself. The water was so warm that we were able to swim (now you know why Lanae` had fun). I love going to that lake. I haven't gone since I was really young and it brought back allot of memories.

I have a temporary girl helping me at the office and it's a big blessing. I get really tired of constantly being behind, and things can get really stressful so it's nice to have another girl to share some of the load.

One of the missionaries that's coming up for the missions conference next week is staying with us along with his wife and 2 kids. I'm really looking forward to it, we don't usually get to spend much time with the missionaries because they are always at the Pastor's, so it will be good to hear about what they are doing over in Australia. Oh wait, maybe not. Now I can't even remember where they're from. Hmn. OK, well I'll let ya know once I find out. I should probably find out before they get here too...

We had a good 4th of July. We went over and hung out at the pastor's house for their annual picnic and water fight. He had a really cool water balloon war game set out too. It would take forever to explain, so I won't. :- ) Oh, but one down side to the day was that we are watching our friend Sydney's 2 dogs and they got out of their cage and decided that it was just about time for Thanksgiving and they somehow managed getting into the turkey's cage and killing 7 of our 9 turkeys. They other two are rather mangled but still alive. So that was a lovely little surprise to have to spend the 4th of July afternoon plucking Turkeys. Well, as dad said. At least we didn't have to look forward to having to do it. There was no anticipation whatsoever, so we didn't even have to dread it! And our friends Aaron and Dave offered to help out so that always makes a job go faster. I'm sure They'll never forget the 4th of July that he helped the Clarks butcher Turkeys!

Well. I did it again. I managed to get 6 paragraphs out. Well I don't know if you can call them actual paragraphs, more like random thoughts. Good night everyone. :-)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I call it Saturday

Happy Saturday everyone. Nothing too grand and exciting going on here. We are having a garage sale today and it ends in like 1 hour. Yup. I'm ready for it to be over. Not that I've really done a ton of work or anything, but I hate how as soon as someone walks up, and you know that it's not the garage sale for them, but yet they still feel the need to walk oh so slowly around the garage and look interested so not to offend you, all the while I just sit there and try to look pleasant. Yes, it's oh so hard for a happy person like me to just sit and look pleasant. :o)

Oh, and in grander news, I washed my car today. Well, I'm not sure who washed it. Tori started to because I was letting her use my car wash stuff, and then I jumped in w/her. But ya, I decided that it's depressing to wash your car. Seriously. You spend all of that time washing, and rinsing and washing and rinsing, and then you have to hand dry it so that it doesn't get splotchy, (just figured that one out) and then you have to spray the wheels and shine them, and then you have to look up and notice that you missed a spot so you wash and rinse some more, and then dry it all over again. And while you go over your precious car with a fine tooth comb (Well not an actual comb, because that would scratch it. Duh.) you notice every little scratch and dent and streak in your car. It's really sad and depressing. I knew that there were scratches on the car when I bought it, but now there's some on my back end that weren't there before. So my deep thought for the day is: Go and pay to have your car washed so that you can remain innocently ignorant about the scratches on your car and just be happy that it's all shiny. Oh, and gee wiz. You are going to save yourself a bucket load of time by going through the car wash. Oh, and since I'm in the mood for dealing, you get that tip for free.